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August 23, 2010


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I can't think of a better Christmas gift for a wonderful family. Congratulations!

Charlotte (Matilda)

Oh my goodness! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am so happy for you! I would like to mention that it has been our experience that little girls are more, shall we say, um... bashful in utero, while the boys liked to flash the technician every 30 secs. Congratulations!!!! What did your girls say?


A BOY!!! Wow! He'll be the most cared for little brother there ever was! I am so happy for your family! And there is still plenty you can all teach him, lacrosse and all!


My goodness, a BOY! Congratulations to all of you! ... all those precious girls doting all over their baby brother :) Makes you smile just thinking of it!

Lacy @ Catholic Icing

Congrats! I love finding out- so much fun! God bless!


Congratulations Suzanne. Your husband must be a great, super cool guy. Oh wait, I'm your husband. It's a BOY??!!!
I love you.


Congratulations Gallus Family!!!! I'm dying to know what the girls think! This is going to be THE most loved, THE most cared for, THE most pampered little boy in the entire world! I bet Pete has not been able to get the grin off of his face!
What a blessing!


Oh Suzanne, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so, so happy for you! "Joseph" is on the couch here next to me, shouting out his congratulations as well!

God bless!


And I forgot to say, you look terrific!


Oh BOY!!! Have I got some boxes for you honey!!! Yippee and woohoo to all of you! And don't worry, Pete will be able to roll around with the best of them ;-) So happy for you, and glad to hear all is healthy and well!


Congratulations!! My prayers are with you for a safe and healthy pregnancy for you and your little boy.

God bless!


What fun! Congratulations!

Jennifer Heffernan

Congratulations! How exciting! I'm also curious how the girls reacted to the news. :)


What great news! Baby boys are loved by mamas in a special way!


How exciting! Congratulations!


Congratulations! My due date is Dec. 16 so we're in this together! We also have a boy coming, but that makes #5 for us. My one daughter isn't too thrilled, but she will be when he's born. Boys are awesome!!

Grandma Charlotte

That wonderful big familiar tree looks different in this photo. It must be the baby boy nearby!
I am thrilled to finally become the Grandmother of a Baby Boy!

I love you.
Mom (Charlotte)


Wow! STUNNED! What can I send to you? Congratulations to the entire clan! Love you all!


No. No, it's not. It can't be!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!! LOL! So excited for you!!!!!



What exciting news! Whoo hoo! Congratulations on the crown prince! Grandma will have to sew bowties for him to match his sisters :-)


Oh, by the way, if you have that baby on December 15, he'll be birthday buddies with Sean Paul! We vote for December 15th!

Auntie Senta Kay

I am so excited to see your pregnant belly with a baby boy inside of it!! I am already thinking of what crafty gift I can make for him out of "boy-colors" Its getting slim-pickin's with the pink fabrics!!! See you all in a month!!


Congratulations Suzanne! This is so exciting!


Glorious news...God is so good! As a mom who had all boys and then a little girl, I think I can relate a litle to your surprise and joy.

God bless your son!

Val Jones-Ultrasound Tech

Congratulations! As an ultrasound tech and 4 time mother I know how exciting this time is for you. I remember with my girls how we would not find out until the end of the pregnancy or after delivery that they were girls. With my son however, there it was, we knew he was a boy after our first ultrasound. I bet the ultrasound tech was very excited to give you the good news!

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