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February 09, 2011


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Suzanne, he is soooo cute! The photos with the glasses is priceless.

Donna Marie

Oh, how sweet!! I totally missed the baby in the glasses pic at first glance...he is a living doll!!
Hope you are feeling well, Suzanne!

Jennifer Mackintosh

He's just adorable, Suzanne.......in the most manly, camo-clad, non-girly-pink, all-boy way, of course! Give him a hug from the Mack clan!

Chris Valpiani

Suzanne, these are the sweetest pictures I've ever seen! What a darling!


Time to change the header sweetie! He's priceless, and just you wait, even with only one girl in our house, she always found a way for the boys to dress up however she wanted, it's that feminine mystique ;-) Chat soon xxoo from us all!


What a sweet baby - love the pic with the glasses! I'll bet with all your girls, there are lots of hands to hold him & pass him around :) You have a lovely family!


Sarah @ Amongst Lovely Things

Oh good grief, Suzanne- he is just the cutest baby ever. The picture with the glasses makes me giggle. And those CHEEKS! I want to kiss them!!

Beats By dr.dre

Selv om maskinen har blitt popularisert i våre liv, men dette betyr ikke at tradisjonelle TV-ingen var interessert. Tross alt, video erfaring på datamaskinen fremdeles ikke kan gi TV slags gode erfaringer.

Pandora Charms

wow, the baby is so cute

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